The main products are various types of Stilbene Derivatives, Optical Brighteners for Textiles / Paper / Detergent Industries, Naphthol Grounders for Pigments and Intermediates for Pigment Red 170.

DAIKAFFIL is a large producer of OPTICAL BRIGHTENING AGENTS - OBA's, broadly used in the Cellulosic Fibers, Pulp and Paper, Detergent and Soap. The present range consists of FB 24, 71, 86, 90, 113, 134, 220 and 357, chemically known by C.I. generic names. These are generally similar to European Brands, such as UVITEX of CIBA, BLANKOPHOR of BAYER and LEUCOPHOR of CLARIANT.

DAIKAFFIL has setup a modern plant at Tarapur near Mumbai with Japanese Collaboration having forward integration production facilities from PNTSA, DNS, DAS, DHS to various OBA's under one roof. The present production including Intermediates is exported to USA, Europe and South East Asian countries. Installed capacity of various OBA's is around 2000MT per annum including few important Intermediates covering Carboxylic acid and Carbon Amides, used for Pigments which are manufactured exclusively for the overseas market.

Under the strict supervision provided by the foreign collaborators, the Company has installed capacities for Crude, Concentrated Highly Conc. and Liquid OBA's for Paper / Textiles and for Detergents / Soaps, CBUS type.

At DAIKAFFIL we are not in business only to manufacture and supply chemicals, but maintain a long lasting relationship with our prestigious customers such as CLARIANT, ERCA spa, KIWA... and so on.

"DIKAPHOR" is the registered trademark of the OBA's manufactured by the Company.