The Tarapur plant, near Mumbai, has been setup with the Japanese Collaboration to include modern setup of International Standards. It has the forward integration facilities from PNTSA, DNS, DAS, DHS to various OBA's under one roof.

The Japanese technology is unique in real sense, that the input costs are minimum, particularly the processes involving Air-Oxidation, Amidation, De-hydration, Condensation etc., where cost advantage is remarkable. Automation is another field where a lot of manual labour can be spared.

Besides, in all the range of production lines, the Japanese have not only provided technology free of any costs, but had agreed to buy-back certain quantities of our production for their valued clients, since the quality of the products were directly under their supervision and control. This way both the companies have been able to establish their names in the International Markets.

Our fundamental principle is to join hands on honourable terms with any of the overseas partners / producers as a "Joint Venture Unit" that can be managed in total transparency and trust with full co-operation from both the sides.